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Avonmore Perfect Partners for Desserts and Baking

August 28th, 2013

By Rozanne Stevens With the joy of Googling online recipes, we are trying recipes from American, Irish, British, Australian, South African, you name it, websites! Every country has different terms for baking, ingredients and measurements which can often lead to confusion. And the different names for various types of cream can cause a real headache. For example in South Africa, what you call fresh cream we call whipping cream.  With cooking you can ‘guesstimate’ an ingredient or recipes, but with baking and desserts, you need to be more accurate.  So to take the pain out of translating recipe ingredients, here is a guide to which types of cream I use in different recipes. To serve with:  Apple Tarts, Fruit Crumbles, Strawberries, Steamed Puddings and Fresh Fruit Salad Perfect Partner: Avonmore Dessert Cream  Unique to Avonmore, Fresh Dessert is the ideal Keep Reading →

Cooking with Cream

August 22nd, 2013

TV cookery shows, celebrity chefs and food in general has gained huge popularity as a form of entertainment, especially with shows like Master Chef and Come Dine with Me.

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