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Vegetarian Cooking – My Top 7 Tips For Tasty Vegetarian Meals

September 10th, 2013

1. Make sure you include protein rich foods in your diet I do find that if I eat a vegetable only meal that I am starving a couple of hours later, so it is  important to eat proteins like cheese, yoghurt, eggs, beans and lentils to keep you fully for longer.  Adding small portions of good quality protein at each meal is also great for balancing blood sugar and losing weight if you need to. 2. Make pals with pulses: Pimp up your pantry with beans, chickpeas and lentils. You can buy tins of beans and chickpeas but they are incredibly easy to soak overnight, rinse then boil until tender. Lentils don’t really need to be soaked before cooking, they will just take a little longer and extra liquid. I use puy lentils in salads and French dishes as they Keep Reading →

Cooking with Cream-Savoury Recipes

September 3rd, 2013

When cooking with cream, the most hazardous thing to avoid is the cream ‘splitting’. You will see a watery layer on top, and curdled cream underneath. This is unsightly and doesn’t taste good. One way to minimise the risk is not to boil cream vigorously. The exception to this would be double cream and new Avonmore Cooking Cream, which through a unique process is more resilient. Normally, as is the case with double cream, the higher the fat content (48%), the less likely it is to split when heated. Clocking in at only 18% fat, Avonmore Cooking Cream has the same creaminess, thickness and heat resistance at less than half the fat of double cream. Try these lovely recipes using different types of Cream  Avonmore Cooking Cream: This is a unique product to Avonmore, a cream with 50% less fat Keep Reading →

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