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Introducing Our New Avonmore Premium Soup Range

October 7th, 2015

Is there anything more wholesome and comforting than a bowl of fresh soup? At Avonmore, we love to take the finest, freshest ingredients and transform them into deliciously satisfying soups full of nourishing goodness- and that is exactly what we did when making our New Avonmore Premium Soup Range. We’re introducing our exciting new range of great tasting soups, made using nature’s best ingredients from the No.1 Irish Fresh Soup brand. These soups are made in Kilkenny using unique recipes based on traditional favourites with a premium twist. They come in a microwaveable pot, which makes them ideal for lunchtime occasions! The Avonmore Premium Soup range includes the following delicious flavours:  Slow Cooked Chicken & Vegetable Soup Select Vegetable with Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Soup Vine Tomato & Aged Italian Parmesan Soup. Slow Cooked Chicken & Vegetable Soup is a Keep Reading →

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