5 Quick and Easy Back to School Dinners

August 30th, 2017

Back to school, back to reality and routine! Are you looking for some great easy to make weekday dinners? Checkout some of our favourites…




  1. Nachos Crusted Chicken Dippers – these can be served as a starter, snack or with vegetables for a delicious dinner option.
  2. Crispy Chicken Broccoli Bake – a great tasty dinner for all the family and ready in no time!
  3. Easy Chicken Fajitas – An easy dinner to prepare, and always goes down a treat!
  4. Penne with Tomatoes, Chorizo and Cream – Stir up perfect pasta sauce with Avonmore Cooking Cream. This penne with tomato, chorizo and cream is the perfect dish to please all the family and better yet our Avonmore Cooking Cream has 50% less fat than standard cream!
  5. Beef Stroganoff – a delicious family favourite served with rice, mixed vegetables or potatoes.

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