Edward’s Top BBQ Tips!

  • Ensure that all high risk meat & poultry is not just charred on the outside but fully cooked to the centre
  • Be careful as injuries can and often occur though negligence at the barbecue. Do not try to ignite or speed up the babeucue by using any accelerants.
  • Ensure that all food products, including salads, are not kept in the open air for too long, lest they go sour or ranid or develop bacteria.
  • Soak wooden skewers in water overnight to prevent them from igniting.
  • If you are having a crowd either precook some foods indoors or finish the cooking indoors as a time saving initiative and to avoid a huge staggering of service.
  • For additional flavour skewer meat onto firm rosemary sticks or lemon grass stalks
  • Add firm herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage etc) directly to the charcoals to provide extra flavour. Fragrant woodchips can also be used in the same way.
  • Do not more or turn food constantly but rather leave it to cook on one side until it has released itself naturally from the grill and then turn over and cook the other side.

I normally just make one or two big salads rather than lots of differnt types as the barbecue really is a meat fest!

Edward Hayden is a well known freelance chef from TV3’s ‘Ireland AM’ and author of the best- selling, ‘Food To Love’ and ‘Edward Entertains’, Edward has a wealth of culinary experience from his training in Waterford IT and Cork IT and has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Learning & Teaching.

As well as lecturing full time in Waterford IT in culinary arts and hospitality studies, Edward currently gives cookery classes and demonstrations in a variety of cookery schools and venues throughout the country and is currently undertaking a national cookery roadshow with the Irish Countrywomens Association.

Edward’s recipes and cookery features are often seen in a variety of local and national publications.

For more information to purchase ‘Edward Entertains’ and ‘Food To Love’ log onto Edward’s website www.edwardentertains.com

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