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Here at Avonmore we love nothing more than to whip up easy and delicious recipes for all the family. We believe cooking should be fun, adventurous and easy to do so we have compiled some of our favorite recipes for you to try at home!

We have a large network of Avonmore farmers that supply us daily with the freshest Irish milk for Avonmore Cheese, Avonmore Soup, Avonmore Butter, Avonmore Milk & of course Avonmore Cream.

Avonmore, produced by Glanbia Consumer Food is the largest branded food supplier into the Irish Grocery Sector and a member of the independent organisation Love Irish Food & The National Dairy Council.

Avonmore has been a favourite of Irish families since the 1960’s & was recently voted Irelands most chosen brand in 2013 Kantar Worldpanel Study as well as being the No.2 brand in the Checkout Top 100 brands for the past 4 years!
Avonmore has a wide range of products to help you get the most out of you recipes.

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Dairy is Good For You!

Dairy products provide a unique package of nutrients that are essential to good health. Consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet, dairy products are a naturally delicious source of the essential nutrients we need.









Did you know?avonmore_milk_products

  • As one of the five core food groups, dairy foods play a key role in a balanced diet
  • Milk and milk products account for 35% of the Irish calcium intake
  • The protein in dairy foods contains all the essential amino acids the body cannot manufacture
  • Minerals such as calcium are essential to life and cannot be made by the body and therefore have to be provided by food
  • According to the National Teen’s Food Survey, 42% of Irish teenage girls had inadequate calcium intakes

The Department of Health recommends that adults and children eat 3 serving of dairy products each day. Teenagers and Pregnant women really benefit from having up to 5 portions a day!

How to get 3 a day?

Making three-a-day part of your daily diet is only limited by your imagination. Here are some tried and tested favourites:National Dairy Council

  • Breakfast cereal with milk
  • Cheese on crackers
  • Fruit Salad with yogurt
  • Slice of pizza or lasagne
  • Fruit and yogurt smoothie
  • Frothy cappuccino or hot chocolate
  • Baked potato sprinkled with cheese
  • Custard & a rice pudding
  • Cheese toasty
  • Crudités with natural yogurt dip
  • Cheese slices, triangles or strings
  • Chunks of cheese in a crispy salad
  • Fish with a white wine sauce
  • Cheese board, with crackers and fruit

Our Avonmore Milk Story: From Grass to Glass

At Avonmore, we take great care to help you get the finest quality, freshest milk every time. We only source the best, so our milk comes from a select group of farms that supply only our dairies. Naturally every drop is traceable back to our local Irish farms.

And our dedicated quality team is on hand every step of the way to maintain the highest standards. This passion for quality means that on average we test our milk thirty five times before it gets the Avonmore seal of approval. We call it our “Peak Fresh” test. It’s your guarantee that our milk has reached the peak of perfection, and you can taste the freshness in every glass.

Maybe that’s why with one million glasses enjoyed every day, Avonmore Milk is Ireland’s favourite milk.

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