Creamy Crunch Cheesecake

Created by Alice Duggan


    For the base:

    • 250g chocolate-vanilla sandwich biscuits
    • 90g Avonmore unsalted butter

    For the filling:

    • 500g cream cheese
    • 200ml Avonmore double cream
    • 140g icing sugar
    • 40ml Irish cream liqueur
    • 100g milk chocolate
    • 100g chocolate-honeycomb bars, to decorate


    1. Blitz the chocolate-vanilla sandwich biscuits in the food processor until finely ground. Melt the Avonmore unsalted butter and mix with ground biscuits. Grease a 7″ loose-bottomed tin and press the biscuit mixture in. Chill for 15 minutes.
    2. Meanwhile, put the cream cheese and Irish cream liqueur in a bowl, sift in the icing sugar and beat to combine. Whip the Avonmore double cream and fold into the cheese mixture.
    3. Grate and add the milk chocolate.
    4. Spread the filling evenly onto the base and leave to chill until firm.
    5. Crush the honeycomb bars and sprinkle over the top to decorate. Serve and enjoy!
    4.64 avg. rating (90% score) - 11 votes

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